Carping some Diem

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing 
     I just got back from a 10-day (3,000 mile) motorcycle trip to many Western parks. With 4 other guys, I visited Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Arches, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Bryce and Zion. There is nothing like viewing these spectacular sites from the seat of a Harley.  Even the 120 degree day at Death Valley did not deter us.  That made the 106 degree days that followed easy to take. Each park was unique with its offerings but I still love Yosemite the most.  I really wanted to hike Angel’s landing in Zion. The 4-hour hike plus 1 hour RT bus ride made it impossible this trip. But I will be back. And a goal was reached – I stood between the legs of Delicate Arch.

     Another neat thing was to see Predator drones flying at Creech, AFB far north of Las Vegas. It is FROM HERE that they are flown remotely over Pakistan and Afghanistan (launched  over there).  Wow. Apparently, they were doing some training missions that day at this base.


     The cables will be up this Wednesday. Yippie Dippie. If anyone is going, please report back to share info. From my moles in the park, it looks like the Mist Trail is going to be a typhoon. Dress accordingly. I also hear that most of the meadows are flooded. Stream crossing will be difficult and dangerous. Use trekking poles to maneuver.
     The Merced is running near flood stage. Be real careful. I want to see you at the REI Berkeley meeting on Wed at 4 pm to hear about the Half Dome Stewardship Plan.  Don’t be a “Hiking Poser.” A bonus – I’m meeting Ryan Ghelfi there. He is the guy who ran the Half Dome trail in 2 hrs 30 mins. A bonus attraction to get you there!!
Related thought worth quoting: “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me down. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shiny day.” – Jimmy Cliff
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


11 Responses to “Carping some Diem”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Angel`s Landing doesn`t look that treacherous, and it`s only a 3-4 hour hike. You have never done this one?

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    Correct. The Rangers said it’s 4 hours in the book. True, I can do it faster.

    Another Time with more time.

  3. John Lauer Says:

    You ever hike in China? There is some real big MT- Huahan? Looks very dangerous…

  4. John Lauer Says:

    Have you hiked to the summit of MT Shasta? Is it mostly snow free by say late August? I was just amazed by how snowy nearly the whole mountain was 2 weeks ago. If you have hiked it, how long does it take?

  5. mrhalfdome Says:

    Shasta is a MUST HAVE SNOW hike….Early June is best…want firm snow and wear crampons and carry ice ax. They get major rockfall avalanches if snow is mushy. Need to get from start at 8K ft to Helen Lake at 10K feet to spend night…then do summit starting at 4 am to do while snow is hard. Head down about noon. Glissade down to make it ez and fast. 1/3 never get to top due to weather or conditioning.

    I don’t like snow camping. Plus you sweat while hiking and take a jacket off…then freeze while resting. Plus pretty steep near top and scary. People do die on it.

  6. AL Says:

    Mt Shasta is NOT hiking but mountaineering. I’ve been there 5x and hoping for another one in the next 2-3 weeks to see my fellow Lemurians again. Yes, it could be done in one day (my preference) in 14-16 hours. Some people did it in 10-12 hours. The key is to get to top of the Red Banks. Once you are there, it’s all about fitness in elevation (~13,000 ft). Looks like Mr HD is my kind of buddy to take along on a one day slog. I’m very flexible with Shasta in the first 2 weeks of July. We start at midnight and summit no later than noon then 3-4 hours to climb down.

    • John Lauer Says:

      I thought the way is to GLISSADE down ;p

    • John Lauer Says:

      Have you ever done the CLEARCREEK Route? Would August be the prime time for this? This route sounds much more scenic and fun. Guess there is a lot of sand to hike on, but I like hiking soft sand and dirt. I hate snow and steep rock, I would be worried of falling down the red banks or getting hit with falling ice.

    • John Lauer Says:

      So… are there always hot water springs near the Summit or are they seasonal?

  7. John Lauer Says:

    I read it`s still so icy, climbers are getting nailed in the head by shards the size of bowling balls, and are getting thrown 1000-2000 feet downslope…

  8. AL Says:

    The 3-4 hours coming down includes glissading where you start doing it after climbing down the Red banks. I never seen any hot springs in the summit but there are sulfur smell along the way in the summit plateau. I never bothered exploring the other routes because they would require the use of ropes in some sections.

    I have reserved a tent rental for June 26-27 which is also a full moon. I am hoping the winds would have died down at that time. I’m climbing it with my 16 yr old son for his second attempt. The one day assault last year was too much him to handle and he bonked at the Red Banks. So this time, we’ll do what most people do, camp in Helen Lake.

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