Cal state parks plan

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

Would you pay $18 to keep the state parks open? In Nov you can vote on a proposal to collect such from your vehicle licensing fee. The initiative would raise an estimated $500 million annually. Your thoughts??

Related thought worth quoting: “The people came and listened, some of them came and played. Others gave flowers away – Yes they did! Down in Monterey.” – Eric Burdon & The Animals

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


3 Responses to “Cal state parks plan”

  1. andy Says:

    That would be great on the face of it. The problem is the government has a history of ripping off recreation funding to keep alive other “essential services”.
    A tax is a tax. I’m a no vote.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      I agree. Altho we need to save the parks…pushing the fee onto drivers is not the way. The gov needs to learn how to run a biz…not cannibalize from one program to save another. Looks lke Meg Whitman may get a chance to run the show. But I don;t like people who “buy” the election.

  2. andy Says:

    Well, it’s her or Moonbeam. I’ll take the rich gal…

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