RED ALERT – Cables delayed futher

Word from the NPS is that the heavy snow on the John Muir and Half Dome trails is too heavy to permit passage up to Sub Dome. It looks like the cables will not be up and ready for summer use even by Memorial Day. No kidding. Sorry if you have permits. You will be refunded if your trip is cancelled due to no cables.

Monitor the status <HERE>.


3 Responses to “RED ALERT – Cables delayed futher”

  1. Karend Says:

    Who to call?

    Rick, which NPS phone line should I call to get updates on the cable status? We are planning a 6/7 ascent (two weeks from Monday) but need to be able to cancel our Lodge rooms if cables are not up in time.

    Should I call the Valley ranger station?


  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    The link I gave is where they post the trail info. They really don’t have the staff to handle individual phone querries. I suggest you call the Mountain store at 209 372-8396.

    Cancellations are 7 days in advance.

    Hey, do Yosemite Falls instead..or Cloud’s Rest. But both may also have deep trail issues.

    My G-2 sez that they are monitoring the trail for accessibility and there is just too much snow. Yea on the 130% snow pack…but this is the price we pay. The word was Memorial day is iffy.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Unfortunately this seems correct – I just read the latest weather report and we are supposed to get snow today (May 19) at the 7500-8,000 ft. level – this is Half Dome. Arrrgh!!!! Will we ever get summer…..

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