Snow in May?

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

     What is going on up in the park? Already 134% of normal snow pack and more coming down today. All bets for when the cables will be up are off. The May 21 target has slipped. Please go to my website and check the Road and Park Conditions button in the top right for the latest. I’m glad my next trip is not until June 23. I have 19 Friends and Family joining me for an “un-led” and “be self-sufficient” hike up to the dome. It’s a weekday so no permits needed. Fer shur the trails will be clear by then and the cables up – I hope! Sorry to all the people who planned a May trip. You know for next time. June 2009 was the rainiest I’ve seen in along time and My 2010 is antgoher odd one. Go figure.
    One of my sidelines is lecturing on Cruise ships and I will be on a Crystal Cruise until the end of May. Ports of call include Dubai, Petra, Luxor and Cairo. Sweeeet. So I will be “outta pocket” and hard to get ahold of for a while. I will have to cut down on the blog due to the high cost of Internet at sea, but will do my best. I’d like to make an offer to all you English majors out there. How about you write up a story for the blog and email it to me ( and then I can do a quick edit and copy/paste it as a Guest Blog. Surely you have some fun anecdotes or Yosemite information to share. Check back to join in the fun.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Do what you love, the money will follow.” – Book by Marsah Sinetar, 1987
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


10 Responses to “Snow in May?”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Well, it looks like a long, sunny, extended HEATWAVE will soon be bearing down on Yosemite. Hopefully, it will make it easy to get the cables up for Memorial weekend! The bumper snow is excellent for California, correct? Has the Bay area stayed wet and green?

  2. John Lauer Says:

    Going to Joshua Tree NP later this week, before Yosemite. Got to experience the Spring hotness of mid-upper 80s. Minnesota has returned to cold, cloudy, dreary. Oh well, the grass is green.

  3. John Lauer Says:

    OK, all you Californians, what is the gas price where you live? Checking online, it looks like most gas in CA must be about $2.93-3.29? What price do you see in the Bay area right now Rick? What is the price IN YOSEMITE? $4.29 or so?

  4. kathy Says:

    Was just in Yosemite last week, between snow : ), and one nice benefit of our very wet and cold and long winter is all the falls are screaming. The poncho you normally need for Vernal, you now need just to see lower yosemite falls and bridalveil fall. The most water I have ever seen, and Mirror Lake even has water in it – looking more like a lake than usual. The meadows are green and gorgeous. Of course you can still see snow as low as the Merced Grove coming into the park but….

    John, there is no gas inside the park, get gas before you come in. Either Oakhurst or Oakdale depending on your way in. For those coming in 120, Oakdale still has the best gas prices between the Bay Area and Yosemite, get it there. You will pay much more if you wait until Groveland.

  5. John Lauer Says:

    What is groveland? Gas close to the park entrance? I detest camping in the cold. Glad to see Yosemite should quickly be Sunny and mid-upper 70s. Should make the falls rush still more furiously! I plan to do the long hike to the top of Yosemite Falls!

    • mrhalfdome Says:


      Don’t pver analyze this trip. 4M people go to Yosemite each year and have a good time. A big part of vacations is exploring for yourself and not having everything thought out in advance.

      If you’ve looked at my book, or your AAA maps, or Google, you know that Groveland is a small town just west of Yosemite on Hwy 120. The only gas in the park is at Crane Flat. There is no gas in the Valley. You will pay about $3.15 outside the park and over $4. near/in. It is what it is. You want it – you pay.

      Have fun.

  6. Dean Says:

    John, I live several thousand miles from Yosemite and miss it every day. Gas could be $20 and it would be worth it…I’d happily fly through a volcanic ash cloud to hike Half Dome…if I could live there I would.

    Go, don’t worry about stuff that doesn’t matter and you won’t be disapointed.

  7. kathy Says:

    Hi Dean,

    You make me smile re: fly through a volcano. You describe one of the reason I moved from the Bay Area to Sonora (not thousands a miles away, but the difference between being able to go a couple times a year and going several times a year, day trips on a whim versus having to plan a long weekend!)

  8. Dean Says:

    Hi Kathy

    Oh we passed through Sonora last year as we had to go from the valley to Tuolumne Meadows but had to detour via the Sonora Pass because of the Big Meadow fire…long drive but beautiful country.

  9. kathy Says:


    We had to do that same drive at the same time as well when we did the High Sierra Camps – I ususally go in Big Oak Flat – and even living here I went over the Sonora Pass for the first time. Glad you got to see a bit of Sonora as you detoured.

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