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The Half Dome cables will not be in place over the May 21-23 permit period.

Snowpack in the Yosemite high country is currently well above average (134% in the Merced River basin), with the potential for additional cool, wet weather in the next week. As a result, the Half Dome cable route and subdome are covered in deep snow, making trail conditions poor. For the safety of National Park Service employees setting up the cables and for hikers, the cables will not be put up until conditions improve. We will monitor conditions over the next two weeks and issue an expected opening date as soon as possible.

If you have a permit for May 21-23, you will receive a refund for the reservation fee.

A tip of the hat to reader David B for this news.


15 Responses to “RED ALERT – RED ALERT – RED ALERT”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    Any change in the planned opening of Glacier Point Road for May 21-23? Will the Mariposa Grove Road be open? Is the upper Yosemite Fall trail passable now? How dangerous is the subdome with snow on it? Think the cables will be up the Friday before Memorial Day? You got to think Memorial weekend will be up and go…

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    1. Any change in the planned opening of Glacier Point Road for May 21-A. Glacier Point road plowing is independent of the half dome calbes installation.

    2. Will the Mariposa Grove Road be open?
    A. There is no barrier to prevent access like at the Mist Trail and Clark’s Point. Wawona is way less altitude and less snow.

    3. Is the upper Yosemite Fall trail passable now?
    A. Always open. No restrictions just a lot of sloppy snow on the trail and deep at the top. Treking poles advised.

    4. How dangerous is the subdome with snow on it?
    A. Very but it doesn’t matter. They will not open the cable route if the steps are dangerous.

    5. Think the cables will be up the Friday before Memorial Day?
    A. May 21 planned opening stalled… that’s 7days later. Dunno – trail crew decides. No crystal ball here.

  3. John Lauer Says:

    My prediction, cables will be up at latest the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Me thinks I will try to extend my vacation to the next Tuesday so I can do the cable climb. Nice that I won`t have a permit… I bet I could snag the Wilderness permit. I think I will schedule all future trips to Yosemite to the very end of May and later… CURIOUS QUESTION… what is legal when it comes to fires in the wilderness? Could you say, start a fire up toward Cloud`s Rest?

  4. John Lauer Says:

    Rick, you still planning on hiking to the diving board on May 16th? Do you recommend Joshua Tree NP for hiking? Ever hike around Sedona?

  5. John Lauer Says:

    Rick, I forgot what series of cabins you told me to request in Curry Village? Did you say 700s? What time do you have to check in by- do I remember 5PM being correct? Do they usually have cabins ready by early afternoon?

  6. John Lauer Says:

    So, if there is like 140% normal snow/precip levels for the Merced River area, we have to be talking gusher falls soon!

  7. John Lauer Says:

    Anyone here ever visit the beach near Fort Bragg with all the gemlike polished glass? Is it worth a look?

  8. Stalin Says:

    John, I was in yosemite friday and it was gorgeous. Bridalveil Falls was at its peak i guess all falls were. The mist effect from the bridalveil falls was literally seen as heavy rain when we approached the falls and water was seen till the parking lot. We weren’t prepared for that so if you plan to go take an umbrella or better a poncho rain coat.

    • John Lauer Says:

      I have reservations in Curry Village May 17-21. I am glad to see the Valley weather by then should be around 80 and Sunny. I was planning on climbing Half Dome, but obviously this will no longer be safe those days. I took more time off work, so that if the cables are not up until Memorial weekend, I can climb then. I`ll have to snag a Wilderness permit.

    • John Lauer Says:

      I live in Minnesota, and had never traveled to California until I went last year. I spent 2 July days in Yosemite. It was lovely, but extremely dry by then. Just a small patch of snow close to Tioga Road at Tioga pass. Tuolume Meadows was splendid. I think I will like the May fire and ice effect much better. The waterfalls were very weak. I hope to spend time in Mariposa Grove. Hopefully Tioga Road will be open so I can head back to Minnesota that route.

  9. John Lauer Says:

    STALIN, I have one of those Arteryx Alpha rain-resistant coats that I will pack along for mist and rain.

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