Weekend update

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
I took many of my classic  Ford Thunderbird club to the park Fri-Sun.

Birds in the park


The Big Oak Flat road was calling for chains until about noon so we zipped right in after lunch. I had 9 1955-57 Tbirds and 10 more generic cars of wimpy chickens who did not drive their cars.  My kudos to the Ahwahnee for  a great tour, the Mt Room for a superb dinner and the Cedar Lodge for a copious dinner there. Of special mention is the Iron Door Saloon in Groveland – they called direct to the gate to see if chains were really needed –they were not – even though the recorder said yes. What a great weekend for tops down cruising through the park. Look for my story in the July Yosemite Gazette. On a down note, one of our members fell in the parking lot and broke her femur. The rangers and medical staff were there in minutes.

Now some news.    The roads into the park are now clear (plowing Tioga and Glacier Pt Roads) . Temps are bordering on hot. The MIST trail was closed Saturday – yet bozos continue to go beyond the closed and signed gate. Oh, you are special – YOU can go but the rest of us can’t. There is a ton of ice on the upper steps. Remember, water freezes overnight there making it really dangerous. It was possible to hike up the John Muir trail then take the by-pass near Clark’s Point and go down to the top of Vernal … but then you have to backtrack home. Long day.  The bathroom at the Vernal Fall bridge is open and flushing, yet the water fountain there is still locked down. There were a LOT of people at the park – gee can’t wait until July!! The road between the Ahwahnee and the main village is all tore up. No parking along the road. Little parking is available at the Hotel itself, so plan on the bus.  I got word that permits were still available for Sep and Oct well after the gates opened … like later on May 1. Demand goes down yet a September hike is good. I have all I want and really doubt there are any left. But go for it if you feel the urge.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I’m in the mood for love, simply because you’re near me.” – Alfalfa to Darla – Little Rascals.
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


3 Responses to “Weekend update”

  1. Stalin Says:

    In talking about parking, how is the parking at the happy isles trail head. I remember seeing parking lots close enough to trail head but not sure how busy it gets during weekends. I will be staying at El portal for my HD hike this time (thanks for recommending cedar lodge) and wondering if hikers are allowed to park their cars in those parking lots. Last time around the parking lot was totally empty around 5am but on return at 6pm it was packed.

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    You can Park at Curry Village – a huge lot. A 15 minute walk to the trailhead. Or in the “Day use lot” which is even closer. OR go to the stables – also close – near the Pines campgrounds. Yes, you can park anywhere you can legally find a slot.

    We have 7 billion peole on earth – half go to Yosemite..so everything will be jammed. The place was crowded last weekend – and school is still in session!

    Cedar Lodge is about 45 minutes from the lots. Zzzzzzzz

    See you on the top!!


  3. Stalin Says:

    Thanks rick.

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