Bechtel on the John Muir Trail

  Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

I spent a great say Saturday at the Boy Scout 100th Anniversary celerbration at the Alameda Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. I gave my Half Dome talk to over 200 interested folks. I’ll tell you more this week, but I wanted to get the link to a video you need to see before it gets pulled.  It is an interview with billionaire Stephen Bechtel Jr.


He is the past head of the mammoth Bechtel engineering corporation known for building giant structures and huge projects. He just donated $5 million to the Boy Scouts. Why? He has the money and he is an Eagle Scout. Watch this short interview. He is one of eight billionaires who are also Eagle Scouts. See who else is an Eagle!! (Not MrHalfDome) 

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “The death of flowers in this garden is only a change from one form of beauty to another.” – John Muir 1869

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


2 Responses to “Bechtel on the John Muir Trail”

  1. Mr. SubDome Says:

    Actually, Bechtel donated FIFTY MILLION, not 5 mill. Earmarked for a High Adventure Camp called “The Summit” in VA. Gooood stuff. And great presentation there in Pleasanton. An hour with scouts as young as 5 years old to 20 plus mix of families… you had over 200 people there. Certainly a good target audience of adventurers. Climb ON!

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