Cables permits update

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
     A bit more info on the Half Dome cables permits. I got word from the supervisor at that they will be sending out hard copy “tickets” that will serve as your entry to Sub Dome and beyond. Those confirmation emails you got will NOT be honored for passage. Only the “ticket.” So if you ordered 3 permits you will be US mailed 3 tickets for your party. No one knows what those tickets will look like but I assume they will have the same info as your confirmation email: your name, permit number, the date and quantity. Then everyone needs to carry one. I am looking for the word that if you are out of town and the ticket arrives and you are already gone for our hike (or are giving permits to another), will the confirmation email suffice? It’s the same info. I for one, will be out a lot of May and need to get the tickets to the folks I have distributed them to.

    Also, last week I tested the telephone support for the permit process. The NPS park number is 209-372-0200. You are greeted with a recording that eventually asks if you want info on the Half Dome cable permits. When you punch in the proper numbers, you get a nice recorded description then “for further information press 1.” When I did it looped me back to the start. Hmmm. When I tried it today a person in the Interpretation Office answered (a real human). She was very nice and helpful but admitted she didn’t know what the tickets would say or if they were the only chit acceptable. She referred me to the number.  The facts listed above flowed out. I hope some of that helps. If anyone is going up in May, please send me a report on how smooth it went.  It’s not easy being Mr. Half Dome.

     My REI Saratoga talk is April 19. I hope to see yall there. Arrive early – last year we busted down the doors with 142 people. I will be having a drawing for a bottle of Carpe Diem wine and several weekend permits. I will US mail the magic tickets for folks who win permits from me.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Every soil-atom seems to yield enthusiastic obedience to law – boulders and mud-grains moving to music as harmoniously as the far-swirling planets.” – John Muir 1874
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


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