Merced River Plan update

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
In follow up to the blog yesterday about the traffic alerts at Yosemite, I was triggered by Randy’s comment. Folks, the pubic scoping for the Merced River Plan that ran from June 2009 through Feb. 4 is in the books.  Now the park moves on. What gets me is the SMALL number of inputs they received. I expected thousands of rants about traffic, rafting, noise, concessions etc. But the actual responses were a piddling handful. Go <here> to see the report of the scoping process. Of the nearly 4M visitors to the park only 152 individuals attended any of the 16 public meetings. These ranged from only 1 to 24 people at the meetings.  758 total comments were gathered from the public meetings.  Comments were categorized into 12 major categories and 38 subcategories. Only 148 comments were received concerning camping and 9 regarding hiking issues. Only 1 person commented on the “wilderness.” Gosh, a few will determine what the rest of us will live with. It’s YOUR park – get involved. Here are the formal steps in the process of determining the way the park will deal with the greater Merced River environs:

Initial Public Outreach (Internal Scoping) – DONE
Technical Study and Information Gathering – DONE
Formal Public Comment (Public Scoping) – DONE
Plan Development (Alternatives Development)
Public Comment on Draft Plan & Environ. Compliance
Produce Final Plan

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “It is seldom that I experience much difficuloty in leaving civilization for God’s wilds.” – John Muir, 1877
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


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