And now for a look at traffic

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

You come to Yosemite to get away from all the cars back home. Take a bottle of water and head into the wilderness to enjoy some solitude. Ahhh your  traffic worries are in abeyance. But after a while you find you can’t live without getting your hourly traffic fix? No problem. Just take your iPhone and head up to the top of Half Dome where cell connections are pretty reliable. Connect to the internet and turn on the Yosemite website. YOUR federal government has a solution. The Federal Transportation Administration just donated $1.3 million of YOUR money to begin a new internet based traffic program for Yosemite. The park will soon start posting real-time updates on its website,,  so visitors can see the actual traffic counts at all entrances. In addition, it will allow visitors to view a model of traffic congestion throughout the park.

My shakes have stopped already. And this is from a country in dire debt? How about $1.3 thousand for Half Dome Education? Gee, someday we’ll put a man on the moon.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “On the expressway to your heart. The expressway is not the best way. At five o’clock it’s much too crowded – much too crowded, so crowded. No room for me .” – The Soul Survivors 

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch


3 Responses to “And now for a look at traffic”

  1. BellaBike Says:

    Now I almost had a heart attack
    Looking in my rear view mirror
    I saw myself the next car back
    Looking in the rear view mirror
    ‘Bout to have a heart attack

    Damn, this traffic jam!

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    Sounds like a Twilight Zone encounter of the 4th kind.

    I hope you’re hiking hills to prep for your Half Dome expedition – 2 1/2 months away!!

  3. Randy Says:

    I like Edward Abby’s idea. Not even allow cars in national parks. Give them a shuttle for moving in camping gear only, and that’s it. After that they have to use natural power, i.e. walk, bike, or horse/mule. A little extreme, but I like that better than masses of cars polluting and ruining the experience of the parks for everyone.

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