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On April 1 you can try to get your Half Dome permit via Follow the same drill we played on March 1. Now July and August permits will become available for the $1.50 service fee and you can get up to 4 per try. Go back to the blogs around Jan 30 to pick up tips. Basically, get logged into the site, registered, your weekend date loaded and hit PURCHASE at 07:00:01 PDT.  No whining if you don’t get one. 

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “He who hesitates is lost.” – Proverb

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


8 Responses to “RED ALERT – PERMITS April 1”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    We won`t need traditional roads for most of our travel soon anyway. The cars will ride the skys.

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    Yes, and we will have moon colonies and clean air, water and food for all.

  3. John Lauer Says:

    MR Halfdome, do you know exactly where President Obama traveled in Yosemite when he made his visit? What are your thoughts on the Hetch Hetchy dam? Is there any reasonable chance it will be removed this century? Would the bay area have enough water currently if it washed out today?

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Where did you hear that Obama was in Yosemite? That would have been a big deal and I wasn’t called.

      The O’Shaugnessy Dam could be removed and all the water stored in future reservoirs further downstream with no loss of service to the people currently depending on it. $10B to do so – thus fergit it. It was a sham to let a city do this on NPS land. The whole Canyon all the way upstream to Glen Aulin is VERY nice. VERY. The battle contributed to John Muir’s demise.

  4. John Lauer Says:

    I think the news report I saw last year saying he actually went to Yosemite was wrong. Looks like he went to Yellowstone. Also, a black ranger from Yosemite went to the Ken Burns screening with Obama, but this was not @ Yosemite. I wonder how much O’Shaugnessy Dam would cost to install in today`s dollars? Surprised ol John Muir didn`t go climb the dam and bust it up with a sledge hammer ;

  5. John Lauer Says:

    One question about the Hetch Hetchy resorvoir and Tuolume River. I know you cannot go in or boat on the lake at all. However, can you basically swim orb kayak in the Tuolume where you want? Can you Kayak in the main Tuolume meadow area near the visitor center? I am guessing you Kayak the Merced in the Valley?

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      John Muir was in the ground when they built the dam. The River is pretty wimpy up near the Meadow. I’ve never seen anyone kayaking in either the Merced or Tuol. I have seen them doing so in Tenaya Lake. The Afro-American Ranger is Shelton Johnson. He was featured on the Ken Burns show and does a Buffalo Soldier impression.

  6. Frank Mussler Says:

    as far as i know it is not allowed to do any boating or kayaking in Tuolumne River inside the National Park. Swimming is possible, saw lots of people in the water behind Tuolumne Lodge. I never saw anyone near the visitor center, so i guess there is some rule against it.
    There is some rafting on the T. but that is downstream outside the National Park.

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