At the park

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing
A couple tidbits of info. The Big Meadow fire was huge. I’ll post photos when I can download them. A huge burned area now. Sigh. Massive roadwork in the central valley area of the park. The road up to the Visitor Center is tore up. The road from there to the Ahwahnee willbe redon in May.  A massive project coming. The Curry Buffet will be $15 this year…not the $18 I was told 3 weeks ago. Wifi is working great in the Curry Village Lounge Bldg. The Park is staffing up to manage the Half Dome permit process. They plan to be strict to make it work.  TGhe Big YA Spring Forum is SAturday. I’ll come back with the highlights. Chao.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon his head. Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure that he was dead.” – The Beatles
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


4 Responses to “At the park”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    How long ago was the fire? Fire can actually be good to encourage renewal of grasses and flowers. You think it will be grown in well by Summer?

  2. John Lauer Says:

    OK, I see the Big Meadow fire was last Summer. A fire ignited by Yosemite National Park fire managers to burn 91 acres. Somehow the fire escaped to burn a total of 7,425 acres. A MAN HAS GOT to KNOW his LIMITATIONS!

  3. John Lauer Says:

    MRHalfDome, are the Redbuds blooming anywhere in Yosemite right now? Are there any at high enough elevation where they bloom in mid-late May or June? Any along or near the HD trail? How about Toulumne Meadows? Just out of curiosity, when is the prime bloom time in the San Francisco Bay area? Have apple trees bloomed yet, Lilacs? When do the roses in Golden Gate Park bloom? Bloom time in Minnesota is always very late April or early May. This was one B1tch of a Winter. Heavy snow and bitter cold essentially all of December, January, and February. Then, like MAGIC, we have gotten NO SNOW at all in March with warm temps in the 40s and 50s- 60s and 70s next week.

  4. mrhalfdome Says:

    I’m not a good flora guy. No I don’t see many spring flowers coming up yet. It’s still dipping near freezing at night. They Bay area is still getting regular rains. The whole area is glowing green. When the rains stop – in about a month. it will all turn brown. We get maybe 1 rain until Halloween. We have a true mediterranean climate…warm days, cool nights and little rain. No humidity. Paradise.

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