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Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

The March 1 snow survey shows that the water content of the snowpack in the Tuolumne
drainage is 111% of average while the Merced drainage is 102% of average. So the falls will be good this spring. 11 of the 12 major falls at Yosemite are fed by snow melt. I guess there is not drought this year.  Here’s another good Yosemite Nature Notes flick – it’s #8 in the series. This one is about the snow line and how it varies with elevation. <HERE>.

     The acting Superintendant for Yosemite for the past 1+years, Dave Uberuaga, is the guest of honor at a going away on Wed, March 10 from Noon – 2:00 pm at the  Valley Auditorium. He did a good job and is heading back to Mt Rainier soon. Stop by, wish him well and get a free lunch – hamburgers.
    Most of our readers are California residents. We have had lot of trouble with the state government’s support for our parks. Get involved. If you are open on Monday – join the annual California State Parks Foundation 8th annual Park Advocacy Day at the state capitol. Participants will meet with policymakers to stress the importance keeping state parks open, protected and well-maintained. These meetings make a significant impact in legislators’ support for key park policies and issues. It runs all day. Click <HERE>for all the details.

     Peregrine Falcons live in the park but they are recovering from population decline. Their status is currently being evaluated nationwide as part of a 15-year monitoring program. PPark Peregrine nesting cliffs are now closed to visitor use, until peregrine chicks fly from those areas this year.

          Look for me at the Pleasanton library Saturday and the Yosemite talk. I’ll be speaking there in late July. Penny Johnson runs a great speaker program.  Daylight Savings time starts next weekend – yippee – more daylight to hike!!

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Look over yonder. What do you see? The sun is a rising most definitely. A new day is coming. People are changing – ain’t it beautiful. Crystal blue persuasion.” – Tommy James and The Shondells
Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


2 Responses to “This and that and the other”

  1. mrhalfdome Says:

    Saturday’s lecture at the P-Town library:

  2. John Lauer Says:

    Daylight savings time will provide more daylight? I guess it all depends on when you rise, and when you lay.

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