The Day the Earth Stood Still

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

March 1, 2010  – The day permits for the Half Dome cables became available. As the comment to my quickee post this morning shows, it was an interesting process. I was up a half hour before the gates opened and logged to my account on 2 PC’s – then entered my dates, # of tickets and waited to hit BOOK as my Timex Ironman digital watch showed 07:00:00. (Pre set via the TIMENOW website.) Bang Bang on both keyboards. Bingo – now to enter the credit card info. So I got the Saturday dates I wanted. As I monitored the action, it looked like Saturdays were available until about 12 minutes after the hour. A comment on the blog from John B. revealed that they musta forgot about Monday May 31 – Memorial Day. He said it bounced as “not a legal entry” at first, then it opened up. Seems like a great day to hike Half Dome.  I relayed the word and soon that day filled up.
    And now the questions. Has anyone actually seen their permit? There is no instruction as to what to do next. We are all assuming that we will print out a bar coded paper for that date. But when I go to my Account on the site, and click on CURRENT REGISTRATIONS then PERMITS, it is empty.  Then I find out it’s located under TOURS, even though it’s a PERMT. (And this govt landed a man on the moon?)  Another thing, as Karend found out, it seems if you book a 4 ticket permit, you will get a single 4-person permit – NOT 4 individual permits. So when you book a 4 ticket permit, you must all be at Checkpoint Charlie at Sub Dome at the same time. John B. again reflected correctly that not all of us hike at the same pace. So Mr. Speedee will have to wait for Cousin Slug to arrive. Furthermore, if you have a 4 person (or 3 or 2) you really cannot give away an extra ticket/permit should you end up not needing one since you apparently get a single paper labeled “4 TICKETS.”  I guess.  Other than saving a whopping $1.50 what’s the incentive to just buying a 1 or 2 ticket permit?
     Any other glitches? I email the Yosemite Public Affairs office this morning. I am willing to cut them a lot of slack. They are trying to do good and apparently could not think of everything and did not do an end-to-end rehearsal.  The Superintendent replied back that he appreciated all your comments and he would be contacting for fixes. They will add to the FAQ’s. Surely the April 1 day for the July and August permits will be smoother – or not.
   In other news – Need a job?  Want to be near Yosemite??  Yosemite Association is seeking part-time temporary help in its El Portal office. Admin, computer work, phones, mail, etc. 3-4 days a week, starting ASAP, at least through the end of March at $9-13/hour. Call Carolyn at 209-379-2646.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Klaatu: I’m worried about Gort. I’m afraid of what he might do if anything should happen to me. Helen: Gort? But he’s a robot. Without you, what could he do? Klaatu: There’s no limit to what he could do. He could destroy the earth.” – The movie 1951

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


6 Responses to “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

  1. John Lauer Says:

    You know what they say about “A THREE HOUR TOUR, A THREE HOUR TOUR!” MrHalfdome, what is your quickest time getting from Happy Isles trailhead to the summit of Halfdome?

  2. mrhalfdome Says:

    I don’t race. In Oct 2006, I needed to do the hike up to the top and get high rez photos for the book. This was a week before they took them down. When I planned to get up and hit the trail at 6 am it was raining on my tent cabin, so I went back to sleep thinking I’d have to spend another night and go up the next day. At 7 am I took a peek out and it was a blue sky. Whoops. So I got dressed and ate some grub. It was 8 am when I started. It was really cold and I wore fleece head to toe. When I go to the top I stayed all of 8 minutes and got back down to be greeted at sub dome with light snow flurries. I hauled back down and landed back at my tent cabin at 4:30 pm – it was pitch black by 5:30. So that was about 8 hours RT. My record time on the cables when no one is there is 7 1/2 min up and 5 down.

  3. andy Says:

    10:21 PM March 1st. I’m on the right now and Monday May 31st
    is open. I’m going to let my cart expire so that will be released in a couple minutes.
    You also can load multiple days in one cart and then pay once. Who knows how those permits/tours will be printed out?

  4. mrhalfdome Says:

    As of this morning all permits had been sold except for Memorial Day
    itself. There were 91 left at 0600 Pacfic time.

  5. mrhalfdome Says:

    The park has posted new information on the cables. If you do not check the NPS site regularly these blow by you. I happened to check and suggest you read:


    2. FAQs (updated)

    I am in contact with the Project Mgr at Yosemite and will provide a complete report in the Wed blog that I will write tonight (for you early birds).

    -Rick (Mr Half Dome)

  6. andy Says:

    Sounds good Rick. I guess the “stimulus plan” is at work here. Love the action on your blog.

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