Permit quickee

It’s all over but the shouting. If you were typing like  a jackrabbit, you snagged your weekend Half  Dome permits for May and June. They went fast, but not as fast as I would have thought.  Saturday permtis were available up until about 8 minutes after the witching hour of 7:00 am Pacific.

I now have all the permits I can use so my offer to give out books or Tshirts has expired. I’d be glad to post them for you to recycle to other readers (and get back your $1.50 and mailing costs).

Back to bed….see you with a full blog later.


30 Responses to “Permit quickee”

  1. John.B Says:

    They initially left of the Memorial Day “tours” on 5/31; they just added them back now into the system 11:00 am EST but they are going quickly.

    • John.B Says:

      As of 2:28 PM today (3/1) there were still 168 permits available for Memorial Day, May 31st. Good luck.

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        That is Eastern time? It’s now 12:15 Pacific now… I guess most folks aren’t aware of the Holiday requirement. Thanks for the update.

      • mrhalfdome Says:

        Has anyone seen their actual permit? I assume we sign in to and go to our account, then open Current Reservations – PERMITS and print out a paper…but mine is empty despite having the confirmation emails. Hmmmm

      • John.B Says:

        Rick, once you get logged in and go to “Current Reservations” click on the “Tour Reservations” heading (between Facility Reservations and Permit Reservations) and you shouuld see your reservation(s).

        From there, if you click the “See Details” button it will pull up your reservation details (reservation number, date, number of “general admissions”). No bar code there, nor on the email — at least not that I can tell on my iPhone.

        I’m hopeful they’ll still mail us something that look like permits, similar to what they have always done with the Wilderness Permits for Yosemite’s backcountry (though I have nothing concrete to base that on).

  2. Laurie Says:

    By 2 minutes past 7 the available permits for Friday, June 11 were down to 197 but I was able to get mine. Amazed that over 100 were gone in just a couple of minutes. As of now, there are still 28 left for that day.

  3. John Lauer Says:

    I started with Saturday June 26th, and constantly kept trying to order as the hour approached. Many people had to have been clicking in that date even before auction start, because as soon as permits opened up, they went from 300 to about 150. Looks like people are shying away from most May dates- cables may not be up as planned.

  4. Karend Says:

    My pal got 1 but I need 4 more for Sunday 6/6/10 if anyone overbought or has to cancel… I guess I can always hope for July, but everything else is nicely aligned for 6/6.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      Apparently a remit for 4 is really a single permit
      that allows up to 4 acess. So if you requested and
      got a “4” remits , you really print out a single paper
      allowing 4 peple to pass onto sub dome – not 4
      individual pieces of paper marked as a single permit. This
      was not explained.

      • Karend Says:

        Thanks for your response: my pal got on late and got knocked out asking for four but she got one so called the website and they told her she only had one person not four. Very confusing.

        But we have four (maybe five) in our party so we are really looking for one more permit, for four, for 6/6/10.

        Are you doing any Half Dome classes in the North Bay?

      • John.B Says:

        I really hope that’s not true, if only because people tend to hike at different speeds; this is especially true where larger groups are concerned.

        I was under the impression that we would need to turn in the confirmation letters into individual permits (one per hiker) at a ranger station.

  5. Laurie Says:

    So the confirmation that we got IS the permit? I was wondering how that was going to work.

  6. mrhalfdome Says:

    They didn’t explain diddley squat. My take is that you need to go to your ACCOUNT and see your PERMIT, open it and print out your bar coded paper. Yhe confirmaton IS NOT the permit.

    If anyone got an exra permti for June 6 by mistake etc and you don’t need it…Karen needs one more slot. This may be a tough one unless someone now needs to cancel. There is nocacellaton or refund system so let’s hope a fellow hiker is able to release one to you. Karen has first dibs if anyone can help out.

    I’ll tell the folks at Yosemite of this anomaly – ALL 4 PERMITS ON A SINGLE PAPER – NOT 4 INDIVIDUAL PAPERS. Maybe they can fix it for the April 1 drawing. I’m sure all May & June weekend permtis are now gonzo.

  7. mrhalfdome Says:

    Oh, yes, I wll be givign the Half Dome preso all the REI’s in the Bay area. Go to the website and check SCHEDULE. We are swtill working dates for many.

    I can also do private sessions if you get a small gaggle of people.


    • Karend Says:

      We never got in for four, unfortunately she got kicked out of the system for four and we definitely only have “one’ general admission, so I am not sure it was a issue. My other friend was on the phone told she had four and then they came back and told her it was sold out. Jeez. Thanks for putting out the word. We will keep watching for REI Santa Rosa presentation, if not, we may well do a “gaggle.” Keep up all the good work.

  8. mrhalfdome Says:

    So it now sounds like Karen needs a permit covering 4 people. Crummy. I think you may need to ask yor group to be flexible on dates. I think the site only manages what Yosemite told them to do. First time out they didn’t ttink of everything.

    I can’t believe the phone actually worked for anyone.

  9. mrhalfdome Says:

    The lack of a completely thought out process is evident. So what do we do next…We all have different impressoins. I think you just print out the bar coded permit and carry that for the number listed onit.So when you arrive at Checkpoint Charlie, you show the Ranger your permit and he counts heads then he/she tears off a corner or punches it or initials it…but it looks like they didn;t do a full rehearsal.

    If I get an answer back on all this I’ll post it.

  10. Justin L Says:

    If you access your account, then click current reservations, there is a heading at the top one shows your camping spots, there is another one that shows tours, if you click that it will show the half dome permit. However, the email i received shows the barcode, and all of the information. If you log into the account, it only shows you paid with a number, but no bar code and does not appear to be a permit. Normally with my camping spots, there is a button to click to resend the confirmation. However, the half dome “Tour” does not show that. I tried to print out from the website and it is not the same. It appears that the email you got is your permit???? By the way, why are they calling it a tour, and not a permit. Maybe Mr. Half dome has a new tour guide job, and doesn’t know it yet LOL, Where do i put in my sandwhich order.

  11. John Lauer Says:

    I checked PERMIT RESERVATIONS under my account and there is nothing. I am sure this info will be there soon. However, this whole process should have been specified beforehand. Anyone buying “4” should be able to get 4 separate permits if they so desire. The whole print your own permits thing also could invite fraud.

  12. John Lauer Says:

    Where is the barcode? Can someone post a picture of this? Why can`t they list this in the account information?

  13. John Lauer Says:

    Why are these BLOG post times so far ahead? Is this Greenwich London Time?

  14. Justin L Says:

    Log into the account. Then click current reservations. Then when that opens it will be empty because those are the reservations for camping. Right above that there is permit reservations and tour reservations. Click the tour reservations. Those are your half dome permits. There is nothing there to print. When you booked the permit. The email they sent you after the purchase is your confirmation and your permit, it should have the barcode on it. That is the same thing they do when i book a camping spot. I take that email when i check into a campspot. Normally you can log in and resend it to yourself, however, this does not give you that option.

    • mrhalfdome Says:

      You say….The email they sent you after the purchase is your confirmation and your permit, it should have the barcode on it.

      Mine has no bar code that I can find….and what’s the point of the confirmation email? – they don’t say it is the permit. and do you know this ?..because you have used the site for camping before??

      I wonder if the Chinese hackers have been playing with the site.

  15. Justin L Says:

    It is in your account, under TOURS, not permits. The email, however, is your permit.

  16. mrhalfdome Says:

    For some reason WordPress lists what looks like GMT or such. I don’t see a setting that I can change.

  17. John Lauer Says:

    Neither of my confirmations has a barcode either. Permits were sold as “tickets” and no mention was made anywhere about grouping reservations on a ticket, only being able to purchase up to 4 tickets at a time. I am going to have FAITH and assume the park service will make sure these are separable for those that want them to be and ask ahead of time.

  18. mrhalfdome Says:

    Yup, I get that far…then what? Seems like if THAT is the permit I could copy 49 of them and hand them out. And your profile does NOT have your address and the US Govt is not going to mail out permits when they are broke – that’s the purpose of using the intenet. AARRGGHH

  19. John Lauer Says:


  20. Colin Says:

    Wow permits went really fast. Looking for 4 permits for Saturday June 12. Def will make it worth your while if you have extras.


    • mrhalfdome Says:


      I gave away 4 permits for June 12 in a contest here on my blog. Tune in for another give-away. The permits canot be sold or auctioned and the NPS is monitoring Ebay and Criag’s list. I just saw a Craig’s list offer to sell get yanked really quick – dunno if they got caught. If any readers have June 12 permits – reply for Colin. You can cetainly recoup your $1.50 service fee.

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