The tribes merge

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

Apropos to the day that Survivor is broadcast, the Yosemite Fund and Yosemite Association announced the merger of the 2 organizations. (I’m addicted to Survivor – seen every episode and was an unsucessful applicant for #13-China) The new group, probably to be called the Yosemite Conservatory, must be approved by the State of California for non-profit status – this is expected next month. Business as usual until the summer. One thing caught my eye in the Press Release. <HERE“Following an overwhelming vote of approval by Association members.” As a member of both, I was sent an email asking me to “vote.”  Vote, based on what? I inquired and was told that information would be forthcoming – before expressing an opinion (and voting) I wanted to know more about what I as voting on. Things like the direction of the new organization, functions, responsibilities, etc. Nothing ever came. Kinda like voting for a senator without getting a voter pamphlet.  As I suspected, the Fund seems to be the driving force with Mike Tollefson, president of The Yosemite Fund, to be President of the consolidated organization. Thankfully, a new website will be the face to the community. Like it or not, websites are the ground zero interface to the world. Dead links, old info and such lead people to find other sources. The YA one just didn’t cut it. Let’s see how it will all play out. I was pleased to participate in the recent YF webinar – glad to see 20th century technology creeping in. One thing that I hope changes is increased Yosemite awareness in the SF Bay area – the single largest visitor base. Yet the focus in the past has been on the gateway communities around the park. I have no problem with that but when you have 4+M people in the San Fran-Oakland-San Jose megalopolis who visit the park, they need to feel virtually closer to the park. Webinars, con-calls, web-enabled device communication and the like all help. With YF’s presence in the “the City,” maybe the new organization will look more to its backyard.  Key players for your scorecard include: 

 Mike Tollefson, President, The Yosemite Fund
David Guy, President, The Yosemite Association
Hal Cranston, Chairman, The Yosemite Fund
Christy Holloway, Chairman, The Yosemite Association
Peter Bartelme, The Yosemite Fund
Jennifer Miller, The Yosemite Fund
John Freidrich, Yosemite Association

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “I live uptown. I live downtown. I live all around. I had money, and I had none. I had money, and I had none. But I never been so broke that I couldn’t leave town. I’m a Changeling – See me change.” – The Doors

*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


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