Trash Pick up

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

Ever wonder where that water bottle you dropped of the Half Dome cables went to? Kinda like the Black Hole of the supernova Antares X467. Never to be seen again. But you know it’s still on the planet. I suggest you contact the Yosemite Climbing Association. They might have it  – that is if it hasn’t found its way into a land fill. They held the 6th annual Yosemite cleanup from September 23-27th. 40 other organizations supported the event. 1200+ volunteers worked to clean more than 100 miles of roadway and 120 miles of trails. Some of the junk removed included 1800 feet of cable, 200 pounds of steel piping, two old toilets and 400 pounds of piping.

See your bottle in here?

Your bottle may be among the 500 pounds of garbage picked up below the shoulder of Half Dome.  Over 60,00 pounds of trash was removed from the park. Wow, how in the world did it all get there? Somebody had to make a decison to dump it.


Unrelated thought worth quoting:  “They got a little place a-down the track. The name of the place is ‘I like it like that.’ You take Sally and I’ll take Sue and we’re gonna rock away all of our blues.” – I Like It Like That, Chris Kenner


*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –


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