NPS Director and Half Dome

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

cables ps2

While he was out visiting Yosemite a few weeks ago, Jon Jarvis,  the newly appointed Director of the NPS hiked up Half Dome. He was here with his wife and 2 adult children. Word is that he kinda snuck out with no falderal and no escort of YOSAR buffs to push him along. This is good, but I wonder how long they took. And what did they use for guidance? Did he read my book first? Did he find the Little Spring? Did he use poles? And how did he manage the cables? Inquiring minds want to know. Seriously, this is good for us.  He – fer shure – experienced what we do and should be on our side when it comes to any regulation of the Half Dome trail. Still no word on what’s coming – maybe at the Merced River Plan briefings they will lay some hints on us. Say hi if you attend the Nov 10 Berkeley session.

Oh by the way, I reported that the Yosemite Fund gave a $5.8M check to Yosemite. I have seen many blogs and stories that imply that they actually gave a legal tender check for $5.8M to the Park Super. Nay. It was a symbolic check in recognition of the money they spent in 2009 on projects. The magic list of 2010 approved projects will not be released until 2010.

PS –The management and staff of the Galactic Headquarters of Carpe Diem Experience (our parent) are now back on the job after a 3 week rejuvenation period. TShirts are ready to ship. Order yours now – avoid the Xmas rush.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Would you like to go riding in my Buick ’59? Well I’m telling you people that the ride is mighty fine. Got an 8 cylinder motor and a jet propelled overdrive (Buick 59, Buick 59).” – The Medallions
*Mr. Half Dome – Rick Deutsch –



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