New El Portal Market

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing


When you drive on Hwy 140 thru El Portal towards Mariposa, you will pass the site of the old El Portal market. The 1920’s vintage wooden building burned down in a semi-mysterious fire last year. The replacement market is now up and running. It’s under NPS control since it’s part of the El Portal Administrative Site adjacent to Yosemite National Park. The current operations contract, which carries a term of six years, was awarded to Kirstie Dunbar-Kari, d.b.a Kari & Sons, of El Portal, California. As you exit the Arch Rock gate, after 8 miles look for the Shell gas station with outrageous prices (but at least you CAN get gas there . The new market is a normal looking building on the right. All the basic supplies and fat food to get you home.
Unrelated thought worth quoting:  “Success for me could only lead to my immediate doom; ’cause I can’t play the blues in an airconditioned room” – The Blues Brothers

*Carpe Diem Experience–Rick Deutsch–*


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