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Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

When I came home Friday night, KQED PBS Channel 9 (SF) had a Yosemite show going on. It’s not the Ken Burns special – that’s Sept 27. The thrust of this show was the Great Lodges of the National Parks – this show was on the Ahwahnee Lodge. Neat.

Pictured below is the elevation profile of the Half Dome hike from the Trailhead at Happy Isles to the top and back. #1L Half Dome Elevation Profile PS

I used my Garmin 60CSx GPS. You can clearly see how hard it is. From 4,000 feet to 8,842 – and back. Note the notches at Vernal Fall, then Nevada Fall, then Little Yosemite Valley. Then the long haul up the switchbacks. What really hits home is Sub Dome. See how it’s about the same gain as the cables – 400 ft. The return shown on the right illustrates how the John Muir Trail has a gentler gradient than the Mist Trail  – neat.

Now for a commercial – I’ll be talking at Bass Pro in Manteca on Saturday at 2 pm…then on Tuesday at Trailsloggers in Campbell. This will wind down my presentations. If you are free, drop by. Here’s the ad for Tuesday. The focus is all of Yosemite.
Join adventurer and author, Rick Deutsch, on a pictorial tour of Yosemite National Park on Tuesday, September 22nd. Marvel at the high waterfalls, massive sequoias, glacial carved cliffs and trails to majestic views. Learn about the history, geology and good times that can be had. Yosemite is an all-season park. From hiking to snowshoeing, Yosemite offers an economical retreat from the hectic pace we all endure. Rick (of San Jose) will share his insights gained from over 30 years of park enjoyment. If you are a day hiker, a backpacker, winter sports advocate or just a lover of nature, this presentation will leave you anxious to plan your own experience. Please RSVP Trailsloggers to save your spot for this free presentation.  Sept.  22nd from 6-8pm 408-866-5888

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Born a natural loser — can’t recall just where. Raised on brew and poker and a dollar here and there. Blackjack hand, dealer man, you better pay off that last bet. Two-bit hand, a 21 is all I ever get/. Go down gamblin’, say it when you’re runnin’ low. Go down gamblin’ — you may never have to go.” – Blood, Sweat and Tears

 *Mr. Half Dome -Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


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