A trash Rant

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

First the fire update. 50% contained, over 4,000 acres burned. 900+ firefighters, planes, trains and automobiles are working to put it out. Dumb de dumb dumb.  The Tioga road is now having controlled traffic due to the load of fire equipment staging there. Sounds like you can still get through. I predict that the guys and gals on the line will snuff this beast and all will be well in Hooterville.  A tip of the hat to all of them. Not for me! Those heavy garments, the high temps, loose footing, picks and shovels, yada yada. Wow, they earn their money. Thanks!

Now a rant. The scene is at the Vernal Fall footbridge. As you know there are no trash cans from the valley up. Yet bozos continue to toss litter where they feel like.


This photo was taken in the men’s restroom. “Gee, Gomer, let’s just toss our bottles  in the sink. Someone will pick up after us.”  WRONG. Talk about bad home training. And this is all of a 20-minute walk to the Happy Isles area. OK, it’s out. But I know this kind would never read a hiking blog. Sigh.
Related thought worth quoting: “It’s nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong. It’s nature’s way of telling you in a song. It’s nature’s way of receiving you. It’s nature’s way of retrieving you. It’s nature’s way of telling you, something’s wrong” – Spirit

*Mr. Half Dome -Rick Deutsch – www.HikeHalfDome.com


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