Housekeeping and the Oops Fire

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

First off, I plan to be hiking the High Sierra Camps trails to the 5 tent cabin “complexes” of Vogelsang, Merced Lake, Sunrise, May Lake, and Glen  Aulin all next week.  Since there is no internet, this blog will go dark on Tuesday until I get back to the Carpe Diem Experience World Headquarters. My whole staff is going so no one will be here to process TShirt orders either. If you want one, you gotta get the order in before 8 am Tuesday Sept 1. I’ll mail them out when I get your PayPal transaction.
All this is predicated upon the “Oops Fire” coming under control. Yeah, somebody made an Oops and let a prescribed fire get out of control.  If you are following this, the best facts on it are found at this <LINK>. News is very hard to come by. Seems most of the press reports just parrot the info here. As of 10 pm Saturday, the fire was 30% contained with 3500 acres burned and a guess at control is by Sept 10.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday, charcoal burning everywhere. Rows of houses that are all the same and no one seems to care.” – The Monkees

*Mr. Half Dome -Rick Deutsch –


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