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In the world of GPS, the leaders are Magellan and Garmin. I have one of each company’s best units, sporting the Garmin 60CSx and the Magellan Triton 2000. These high end units both offer the user features that make back country hiking much easier – and safer. The breadcrumb “trackback” feature will always get my tail back to the car! I’m not here to give a technical review, but rather present a business perspective. Did you know that Magellan was bought in January by a huge Taiwan company called MiTAC International Corp? They acquired the assets of the Magellan Consumer Product Division of Magellan Navigation. This included the navigation software, patents, trademarks, licenses, intellectual property rights, business team, customer base and sales channels. Magellan’s consumer GPS products are well established in outdoor, personal handheld and onboard GPS markets. You may also be familiar with their RoadMate and Maestro series of vehicle GPS navigation units. My portable auto unit is a RoadMate. So who is MiTAC?? They are a leading worldwide maker of wireless communications products including portable GPS navigation devices. They are selling their own Mio brand GPS independently from Magellan brands in North America, but the brands will share technological expertise. MiTAC Digital Corporation headquarters moved into the Magellan business offices in Santa Clara, California, right across the street from an alma mater of mine, Santa Clara University. This is a HQ office only not a service or sales center. Interesting how the economy is causing these kind of changes. In a big digression, another hobby of mine is Classic Cars – did you know that Shell owns Pennzoil and Quaker State? So much for brand loyalty! 

Fire update: The Foresta Big Meadow Fire has now burned 1,200 acres. 50 Foresta homes evacuated. Only 10% contained.   

Rockfall update: The Ahwahnee will remain closed at least through Friday noon.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Ch-ch-Changes. Pretty soon you’re gonna get a little older. Time may change me.  But I can’t trace time. I said that time may change me. But I can’t trace time.” – David Bowie
*Mr. Half Dome -Rick Deutsch –

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