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Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

Ranger Rick (not really a Ranger) is back in the comfort of the Silicon Valley World Headquarters of Carpe Diem Experience. Yosey (named for guess what) the wonder Yorkie is back by my side. While at the park I had a great time, ran into many Yosemite Association folks and had a session with acting park Superintendent, Dave Uberaga. I’ll spill the beans in future blogs. But I wanted to share some bits and bytes.
Heavy road construction is going on at the 140/Glacier Point Road junction. Big repaving is causing major delays. I zipped right through at 2 am, but then nobody else was up then! 

The Curry Village Lounge Bldg is open and sports a nice refurbishment. The large room looks about the same but is now structurally sound. The only difference I saw was the glass display cases with artifacts are gone. Dunno where that stuff got moved to.  Despite high hopes for a May turn-on, the free wifi in the lounge is just now coming up. The old “technical problems” issue haunted them. As I checked out I did connect, so try bringing your laptop next time. The plan was to have it on in the lounge and only for registered guests. Most wifi routers broadcast  a good 100 feet so  you may be able to get on outside the bldg. Also the procedures to control access are not in place so anybody can log in without having to actually be registered at Curry.

The Curry registration office was also re-done and it also looks the same.

It was pretty darn cold last night. I mean I used my 700-fill down sleeping bag instead of the army blankets provided and also donned a balaclava and I was cold. If you are going up, it will be chilly at 05:30 when you better be starting your Half Dome hike.
Down in El Portal, the new market is open and running. This replaced the historic structure that burned last year. Stop in and give them some business.

The Merced is running pretty low now but  Vernal Fall is still hanging in there. No Mist. Yosemite Falls is a memory.

I had about 60 at my Le Conte Memorial Talk. Still a lot of interested hikers.

The helicopter was active Friday afternoon. I heard there was a fatality, but not on Half Dome this time. The Yosar site has not been updated since June 4 when Gina Bartiromo fell off the cables and ended up in Doctor’s Medical Center in Modesto.

Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship. Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip. Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship. On your way to a world that others might have missed.” – The Blues Image
*Mr. Half Dome -Rick Deutsch –


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