Drowned woman’s body found

Half Dome – Yosemite Musing

katrin lehmann
If you follow the news, you may recall that a 31-year old German woman, Katrin Lehmann, fell into the Merced near  the Vernal Fall footbridge.  As you can imagine, the spring snow melt and heavy rain that day produced Class V rapids. Class V in river jargon means “the worst.” On July 15th, her  body was recovered below Vernal Falls by YOSAR personnel. She fell from the Mist Trail into the river. Witnesses said that she fell off the trail, slid down a steep wet rock wall, then clung to a boulder in the river before being washed downstream by the strong current. Her body was found wedged between a rock and a log in a swift water section of river approximately 150 yards downstream from the point where she was last seen. Rescue dogs helped find her.
Unrelated thought worth quoting: “She comes down from Yellow Mountain on a dark, flat land she rides on a pony she named Wildfire. With a whirlwind by her side, on a cold Nebraska night.” – America

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